November 9, 2015
She brought her daughter’s treatment home so it could benefit other parents.
November 9, 2015

Story from the Boston Speechies

Tunaweza Children’s Centre: Kampala, Uganda

“We can” is the English translation of “Tunaweza.” The name of The Center reflects the positive energy of its founder, Titi Pamela, the mother of a child with special needs, who came to understand the value of early intervention while living in the Boston area. Upon the family’s return to Kampala, Uganda, Titi, a lawyer by training, soon learned about the lack of therapeutic support for young children with special needs. So in 2010, with support from a co-founder, Sue Karant (a consultant in Boston), Titi launched the Tunaweza Children’s Centre in Kampala. Donor support as well as local funding support The Center.



Titi Pamela co-founded Tunaweza Children’s Centre in Kampala Uganda. After living in Boston and seeing the value of early intervention, she decided to launch her own center to provide services for children with special needs in Uganda.

Most of the children who are seen for therapy have been evaluated by a diagnostic team at the University of Uganda Developmental Clinic or referred by a pediatrician. Services include speech, occupational, and physical therapy. The Center services a range of children from ages 2 to 22. Reportedly, almost 60% of children enrolled at the Center are diagnosed as being on the Autism Spectrum. The greatest challenge in working with children with special needs in Kampala is early identification and referral. Children are often not diagnosed as delayed until they reach school at age 4. As SLPs we understand the critical role of early intervention with children with development delays. Titi has developed an excellent working relationship with Northeastern University’s Bouvé College of Health Sciences Co-op Program and this summer two undergrad students are slated to work at the Tunaweza Center. Stay tuned for updates!

The greatest need at the Tunaweza Center is speech therapy. Titi is highly motivated to secure speech therapists for her center. For any travel lusting speechies out there please contact Titi Pamela for more information at The Center’s website: http://www.tunaweza.co.ug/home/