Tunazewa Centre is a registered non-profit organization located in Kampala, Uganda. The concept for the Tunaweza Children's Center was born when one of the founders, a mother of a child with special needs, realized that there were no facilities to provide the basic training and care required by children facing similar challenges. Driven by the need to raise social awareness about the potential which children with special needs have, once provided the required tools for their education, two friends pooled their resources to open the first Early Childhood Intervention Center in Kampala. With the support of Dr. Susan Foster, a Professor of International Health at the Boston University School of Public Health and also a public health consultant for forty years in the developing nations of Africa and Asia, the Tunaweza Children's Centre was established with an approved curriculum for early assessment and training of children with special needs in speech therapy, occupational therapy and physio therapy. The training at the Tunaweza Children's Center will be conducted by professional staff trained in handling children with Special needs and supported by volunteer's with the required public health background. The Center will also provide training for the caretakers, interested parents and onsite staff for the necessary skills transfer to ensure sustainability


Treatment Plan

Treatments Plan

We offer two assessments: a subjective assessment and an objective assessment. The subjective assessment consists of an initial meeting between parents/guardians and our team of professionals. Different areas of the child’s development are discussed and a recommendation is given during this meeting. The more detailed objective assessment is provided once the child has attended the centre for one month.
Following the subjective and objective assessments, our team of professionals determine which goals and objectives can be achieved within a realistic time frame. Objectives vary depending on the child’s needs.
Each child has a unique set of needs. We meet these needs by offering a range of services like physiotherapy, occupational therapy, special education, music therapy and psycho-social sessions. Based on the child’s assessment and objectives, we tailor individualized treatment plans using these services. We also offer full-day and half-day programs.
This stage is where the majority of the work takes place. With an individualized treatment plan, our team of professionals can follow through with objectives and assist each child in reaching his/her goals. This is achieved through a range of activities including class-time and individual or group therapy sessions.
Sessions are documented to keep track of progress. We also conduct end-of-quarter team meetings to discuss the development of each child. Detailed evaluation reports are then written by each department (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, special education, music therapy, psycho-social) and sent home for review.
Once objectives have been met, we chose the best course of action to help each child reach his/her full potential. Together we determine if the child should stay at Tunaweza Children’s Centre and begin working on a new set of goals, or be discharged/referred to another school or centre.