One of the key achievements of the Government of Uganda today has been the provision of universal primary school education. However, massive investment in education can go to waste if children cannot develop to their full potential. The challenge therefore is to identify and resolve developmental issues at an early stage and make preventive services available to all children, especially those with acute learning disabilities.

To fully benefit from the public educational services provided , the Tunaweza Children’s Center’s long term goal is to design a program which will bridge the educational divide that exists for children with special needs. Support will be needed to provide a well-organized environment in public schools, where children with learning disabilities can be diagnosed and assisted to participate in the school curriculum, including eventually sitting for the mandatory examinations using the appropriate tools.

The programs provided by the Tunaweza Children’s Centre will enable career development and the advancement of a curriculum for the education of children with disabilities, and the parents of these children. We are committed to building a diverse and welcoming community where compassion, humor and respect are woven throughout the curriculum and spirit of the day.

You can donate to Tunaweza directly by depositing to the following account:
Standard Chartered Bank,
5 Speke Road, Kampala-Uganda

Swift code: SCBLUGKA
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